Accessory DF Antennas


L-TronicsRegister.jpg (2200 bytes)  offers several specialized antennas that may be substituted for or added to either the LL Series or LH Series Direction Finders to give them added versatility. The bent whip aircraft antennas also work with the LA Series Aircraft DF.

The directional patterns provided by the antenna are the key to good DF performance so antennas should be selected, installed, and maintained to fit the job to be done. Antennas are available in either one or two independent frequency ranges to match the capability of the receiver.


Magnetic antennas are designed for temporary mounting on vehicles. DF in motion averages out many local reflection errors, allowing you to drive quickly to the offending transmitter.


Flexible whip antennas are intended for permanent mounting on vehicles and may also be used on specialized aircraft such as helicopters.


Bent whip aircraft antennas are designed to be mounted on light aircraft for airborne DF with the LL Series Portable DF, the LH Series Portable DF (no longer in production), or the LA Series Aircraft DF (no longer in production). They are FAA type accepted (TSO).


Weatherproof antennas are intended for permanent installation on boats and for use on fixed towers or masts for monitoring, homing and triangulation. They are not intended for hand held use.


Beam antennas are designed for extended weak signal reception and reflection rejection for hand held use.


Interferometer antennas are designed to give precision DF for triangulation in situations where homing is slow or impossible.  New units are not available but existing equipment can be repaired if needed.  Shown for reference.


In addition, non-directional magnetic base antennas and telescoping probe antennas are available for monitoring and close range "sniffing."



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