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    Secure Email Service

    Take back control of your data. Experience email that is secure and easy to use. Using multiple layers of security, including OpenPGP encryption to protect the contents of your email and documents as well as SSL/TLS secure connections between you and RAIN Live Oak servers.

    RAIN Live Oak Secure E-Mail does not require special software. All that is needed is a connection to the internet.

    Request a Secure email Account Here

    Highspeed Internet from RAIN Internet. Secure email account included. Sign-up for RAIN DSL. Get connected fast with reliable service, friendly support and up to 5 e-mail addresses.

  • RAIN Live Oak VPN

  • Secure Email Account setup
    Secure email for regular email use when you want your email to be private.
  • Current Projects

  • ONC funded Data Provenance API Development
    New FHIR based Data Provenance Toolkit.

  • South Pacific Telemedicine Network
    USDA funded Telemedicine Network linking California specialists to clinics and village sites in the Northerm Mariana Islands

  • .
    Welcome to RAIN Network
    Providing Health Information Technology and Distance Education services since 1991, RAIN knows the Internet and can bring you Internet based technology you can trust and rely on.

    Established in 1991 through a National Science Foundation grant, RAIN Network was one of the first ISPs in the world and has continuously provided reliable, community focused Technology Services.

    For information on RAIN Network's Health Information Exchange, Healthcare and Provider Directory Services and Secure email goto: RAIN Live Oak Technology

    RAIN Network has been an Open Source alternative helping in rural communities and very underserved urban areas, working to ensure American's have broad access to technology for Health and Education.

    Explore our web to see all the features we provide and to learn about our Secure Email. For Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals we can help you meet Meaningful Use through the use of our Health Information Exchange, our secure, Direct document and email system and our ONC sponsored Data Provenance Tool Kit. For Health Technology go to our RAIN Live Oak Tech Web

    Programs and Resources

  • Direct Secure Messaging
    Direct Secure Messaging

  • Camp Internet Online Learning
    Explore the Smithsonian Award Winning educational materials of RAIN's Camp Internet. Delve into the history of the California channel and backcountry and the ancient mysteries of the Southwest.

  • Medmall Video Magazine
    Visit our Telemedicine Video Magazine, bought to you by RAIN and learn about all the health issues we face today.

  • Little Steps Project
    Our Little Steps project provides health and fitness information for families and clinics. Parents and doctors will find useful information on caring for children and infants. Materials also available in Spanish.

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