ACCESSORIES Suitable ONLY for the

LH Series Little L-PerRegister.jpg (2200 bytes)  Portable Direction Finder

LCR-1 and LCR-2 Crystals.    LCR-1  tock Crystals are 121.5, 121.6, 121.775, and 243 MHz. They are plug-in and price includes crystal and panel frequency label. LCR-2 Special Order Crystals are for all other frequencies. Crystals must be compatible with the frequency range of the receiver.

Available from stock

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LHC-1   Compass A good compass is vital to field DF. The LHC-1 folding compass is a Silva liquid-filled sighting compass with a quick-disconnect bracket attached to the cover. It slips on the bottom end of the standard folding mast (LHM-2) and quickly disconnects for plotting.

No longer available.

LHDS-1 Desk Stand    The brushed aluminum Desk Stand can be mounted in a vehicle or aircraft to hold the LH Series receiver or can be used inside when the DF is used as a monitor receiver. The bottom is open to accommodate power and audio cords.  (Receiver not included)

Available from stock

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LHM-1a.jpg (20901 bytes) LHM-1 Short Mast    The short mast is useful where convenience is important. It is idea for use on an airport or for other close-quarter DF. Performance comparable to the long folding mast (LHM-2) can be obtained by holding the DF high overhead.

Available from stock

LHM-2 Long Mast    This puts the antenna high overhead and leaves the receiver at eye level to insure best performance of the DF. 

No longer available

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LHPW-1, LHPW-2, and LHPW-3   Power Connectors External power connections for any LH Series Little L-Per DF can be made with the LHPW-1, a 6’ DC power cords with stripped ends for permanent installations, or the LHPW-2, a 6’ power cord with a cigarette lighter plug. For AC power, the LHPW-3 (not shown) is an adapter for 110V power.

Available from stock

LHTS-1 Cover Thumbscrews   These stainless steel screws have gaskets and red plastic caps and allow removal of the back panel of the LH Series Portable DF for battery replacement without use of a screwdriver. Packaged in sets of four screws/gaskets.

Available from stock

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LTA-1 Telescoping Whip Antenna folds and rotates around the base to prevent damage. It is useful at frequencies from 120 to 500 MHz, transmit and receive. It measures 5-1/2" collapsed and 22" extended, the extension depending on the frequency desired. It is supplied with a BNC connector to use with the LH Series Portable units.

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