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Monitor / Paging Receiver

Now  you can have a low cost paging receiver in your home or office to alert you to emergency calls for your unit, company or community area.   It can also be used as a monitor receiver to listen to nets, emergency and training operations and other activities on the radio channel.  When you're tired of listening, push the reset switch and you're back on page receive.

The receiver runs on AC power and has a telescoping whip antenna so you can put it anywhere convenient and let it run 24 hours a day--no batteries to replace or recharge!  A panel light comes on and the speaker is enabled when a page is received, so if you've been out, you'll know about it as soon as you return.

The LP-1 is a single channel, crystal controlled double conversion receiver with crystal and ceramic filters.  The receiver has a squelch and a 2-tone sequential paging decoder.  Squelch level is set by a control under a sliding cover on top of the unit.  Most Motorola and GE sequential tone combinations with more than 6% spacing can be used.  The decoder can also be set to respond to an 8-second single tone (group) page or to the ARRL long interval tone zero (LITZ) standard.

The receiver is supplied with a crystal on your channel (142-174 MHz) and with your choice of tone codes.  A discount is available for orders of 10 or more with the same specifications.  An optional 9V internal battery can be supplied that will run the receiver for up to 10 hours in case of power failure.  Operating instructions and a schematic diagram are included.  Delivery depends on quantity but it is usually 30-60 days.

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