Repairs and Modifications

L-TronicsRegister.jpg (2200 bytes)  offers very low cost factory repair service on all of our equipment and accessories. We also have most repair parts available for people who have the ability to repair their equipment. (The new LL-16 is NOT field repairable and must be returned the factory.) An Operations & Maintenance Manual was included with LH and LA Series equipment to guide field repair.  Printed copies are available and they can also be downloaded in PDF format.  LH Portable DF (21mb)    LA Aircraft DF (20 mb)

To isolate problems to the receiver, antenna, or mast, exchange components with another DF unit known to work properly, and/or test the antenna with the antenna checking procedure below. You can then return the defective part to be repaired. We encourage you to return the entire assembly for a confidence check. A portable DF (LH or LL Series) can be substituted for an LA Series aircraft unit to check the antenna system.

No prior approval or return authorization is required before sending equipment in for repair.  Pack the equipment with at least 2 inches of cushioning material on all sides.  Crushed newspaper does NOT make good cushioning.  Shipping damage to inadequately packed equipment will not be covered by the shipping company.

Please include a note inside the box with the following information:

A brief description of the problem, particularly if intermittent.

A complete street address for return shipping.

A contact name and a telephone number MUST be provided for return shipping.  An email address is also desirable for us to contact you with questions.

A method of payment (Visa , MasterCard or Discover number and expiration date). PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO CALL YOU WITH CHARGES. We will e-mail you, or you can call us. We can also return the equipment COD, but this will increase cost and turn around time. We do NOT invoice except by prior arrangement.

Our minimum repair charge is $25, plus $10 shipping and handling.  Our average charge for repairs is $35 and we do fix quite a few for the minimum.  Costs rarely exceed $60 unless major pieces are broken or missing or there is severe corrosion. We do repairs in the order received and know that prompt return is critical to your mission. Turn around time is typically 2 to 3 weeks, but may go longer if we have a heavy workload.



If the DF seems insensitive or the needle does not point in DF mode, the could be either in the receiver or the antenna.  To check the antenna, use either an analog (meter type) ohmmeter on Rx1 or Rx10 range or a digital ohmmeter on its diode check range.  Disconnect the DFantenna cable from the receiver and measure from the center pin to the shell of the BNC plug on the cable.  The reading should not be either shorted or open.  Note the value.  Then, reverse the ohmmeter leads and measure again.  The two readings should be equal to within 10% for a good antenna.   Portable and magnetic antennas can be repaired by returning them to the factory.  Damaged cables for aircraft antennas can be fixed in the field using replacement cable assemblies that are available separately.


Two upgrades are available for older LH Series Portable DF receivers (below S/N 20016). The battery check modification adds a front panel pushbutton to indicate battery condition. The remote meter modification adds an 8-pin jack for a remote indicator that gives simultaneous strength and DF indication with bright lights for mobile use. We no longer have remote meters available but we can still add the 8-pin jack if you already have a suitable meter.

Older LA Series Aircraft DF receivers with a single meter can be upgraded to the later dual meter arrangement.

We are currently offering upgrades for battery check and the connector for a remote meter on the LH Series units and the dual meter upgrade on the LA Series units. Turn around time is about 6 weeks.

We no longer do modifications to add or modify tuners.

See the price list for costs of modifications.

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